About Kidvana

Kidvana, Inc. is a family owned business headquartered in Ponte Vedra, FL. Our journey started one day when our (then) 2 year old son had a small toy bear on the table in a restaurant. Instead of grabbing the fork to eat his lunch he grabbed the bear and used the pointy tail to stick a vegetable and put it in his mouth. The bear was easier, more usable and more functional for him than the actual fork! We realized there must be a better way to develop products for kids. Instead of focusing on the cheapest way to design, we focused on finding what interests a child and helps make their little world work better. We realized there was an opportunity to improve on the standard, boring products that so many children are accustomed to.

For 2 years we worked to develop and test a new line of cutlery and tableware. Our design and development team are passionate about children, animals and designing better products so we are fortunate to work with smart individuals who make us who we are. We are excited to introduce our cutlery products which are designed with the highest quality stainless steel and multi-layered nontoxic material.

Our only goal is to develop new and interesting products for children that we can be proud of. We hope as a parent, grandparent or guardian that your children enjoy our products as much as our children. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the stories and experiences that make family and homes special. 

Please look for us on www.facebook.com/mykidvana

Or send an email any time to fiorella.foard@mykidvana.com

Wishing the best for you and your family,

Jay and Fiorella